Best Competetive Exam Apps: Check Out The List Of Top 10 Apps

Imagine your mom observing you using your mobile while studying and the moment the “Oh! You ever-distracted dumb-head” melodrama begins, you turn the mobile screen to show what you’ve been reading. Tada….you just turned smarter with your smartphone by learning on the go using apps. Yeah! Whenever, Wherever (No, we aren’t humming Shakira’s lyrics) you can now study for your competitive exams as per your feasibility. This post is specially written for those who can’t help but just pleasingly doze off on the bulky printed texts. Well, relatable! Isn’t it?

From a distracting device to your studies saviour- Know how your Android/ios device can help you sail through your exams.

Mobile Apps for Competitve Exams

You can study in a classroom, at home, a garden or maybe while commuting in a bus. But why not study when waiting in a long box office queue, trying to grab a seat in metro or waiting for your ‘always a latecomer’ buddy. And, this desire to make every minute productive generally arises a week or less before an important exam, when even the daily basic chores like bathing seems like “bleh!!! Why am I doing this?” Oh Yes! You’re certainly reading the right post if you’re wondering how I know that you do this.

What are the basic necessities of a human being? Had I asked you this question six or seven years ago, you’d probably answer Food, Air, Water, Shelter and Clothes. But, we know this is 2015 and how one more addition goes to this list- Our mobile phones. Indeed a necessity in today’s world, it’d be ignorant to not acknowledge how our mobile phones have deeply entrenched itself in our technology-loving lives. When that’s how important our android/ios/windows devices are for us, why not make the most out of them in terms of learning. Understanding that our phones offer us a lot more than merely being addicted to all the social media platforms, we researched for a few apps mentioned below that can be extremely helpful while preparing for competitive exams on the go. Forget carrying your books, practice papers etc wherever you go. Now, all you need is your phone and you’re good to go.


Out of all the query mails we receive, 75-80% of the candidates ask about how to enhance their vocabulary and Basic English skills. Having a good vocabulary has duplex advantages, first, it obviously helps you in writing the English section of your competitive exams well, and second, it helps you to build impressive conversational and writing skills, a must have for GD/interviews. For this, I really liked two apps and think you all too should give it a try.


A renowned dictionary app, consists of 2,000,000 definitions and synonyms. The app also works offline (i.e. you needn’t require an internet connection to use it). Its user interface is easily understandable and convenient to use. The app also offers features like pronunciation, your favourite words and ‘word-of-the-day’. This app is one of my personal favourites and is always on my homepage. Now, you too can start creating your own mini lexicon and get prepped for all the upcoming interviews and exams.

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English learning for Exams

  • LearnEnglish Grammar (UK ed.)

Did tenses always confuse you? Or had the grammar questions of your exams made you bite your nails? Put a full stop to all your grammatical errors and fears with this smartly designed app by the British Council. Take the practice tests offered by this app and inculcate the learning in your everyday English use. Keep on following this and all your grammar-phobia shall soon fade away.

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Learning Apps on Android

Grammar Test Apps

English Grammar for Exams

  • LearnEnglish Podcasts

Well, learning English isn’t all about performing well in English section of your exams. Like any other language, English also requires to be practiced everyday and that can be achieved by bringing the language in use while conversing on everyday basis. Many candidates find it comfortable to study or write English but they lack confidence when it comes to indulging in proper conversations in English. I just found a remedy to this. LearningEnglish Podcasts is another great app by the British council wherein you can listen to the conversations recorded by native British English speakers. You can learn how to put words in use, how to sound grammatically correct and what should be the perfect pronunciation. Now bid goodbye to all those fumbling during interviews and discussions.

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Learn English Podcasts


The one section I dreaded the most while taking competitive exams was General Awareness. Although bombarded with the advices of reading newspapers daily, my hands would inadvertently pick the entertainment newspapers and I’d happily leaf through the ‘Page 3’ news every day. Current Affairs was a heavy load on my shoulders and studying all the general knowledge (I’d always wondered how can such vast information be ‘general’) a next to impossible task. And now I wish if only I knew about these apps, life would have been way easier.


  • News in shorts

Habits don’t change that quickly. Do they? Yes, I’m still not a person who’d spend enough time reading newspapers everyday in the morning. For this, my best rescue is this app. News in shorts, another one of my favourite apps, is like reading ten different newspapers at one go. International and national news sources like Reuters, The Economic Times, Hindustan Times, The Hindu News, India Today etc provide full news stories to this app. It’s either a swipe or flip thing when using this app. Swipe to read next news in 60 0r less words and if the news gets your attention, flip to read the whole coverage. Cool! Isn’t it?

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General Awareness App

  • General Knowledge (32000+ Faqs)

To let your gray cells working on general knowledge continuously, I’d suggest installing this app. Developed by Career Bytes, this app consists of a good number of previously asked general awareness questions in various competitive exams.  The app is a good way to keep on solving few G.K. questions whenever you are idle or getting bored. An easy and quick way to gain knowledge of almost all the categories covered by this app: Science and Technology, Research, Inventions & Discoveries ,Literature, Life & Medical sciences, History, Arts, Awards & Rewards, Books and Authors, Defence, Economy, Films, Geography, Music, Politics, Personalities,  Sports  and also GK all around the world.

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General Knowledge App

  • Pocket Logical Reasoning

The app, developed by Sindhu Rajan, consists of 1600+ logical reasoning questions that are frequently asked in banking and other competitive exams. It has questions on various reasoning sub-topics like Analogy Test, Blood Relations, Calendar, Clock, Cubes, Circular Arrangement, Coding & Decoding, Direction Sense Test, Letter Series, Linear Arrangement etc. The app also supports features like various difficulty levels, scratch pad, solutions and practice tests. Give this app a try and let your logic remain active. An alternative to this app can be Logical Reasoning Test by Nithra Edu Solutions. We found both the apps equally good and nearly the same. Try them!

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Logical Reasoning App

  • Pocket Aptitude

We call it the sibling app of the pocket logical reasoning app. Developed by the same person, these are indeed siblings to each other in terms of design and features. They only differ in context of questions (that’s too obvious) owing to the difference in subjects. Other features remain the same.

Since quantitative aptitude is often regarded as the most difficult section in the exams, by working on this app you can improve your speed and accuracy. Only 3.1 mb! No harm in installing, right?

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Aptitude App

  • Computer Awareness

Although for computing knowledge, enough practice of mock tests usually suffices the preparation of exams, a computer knowledge app in your phone won’t be a bad idea either. Developed by Incredible Path, I consider this app as a complete package of computer knowledge practice. Enough questions to help you qualify this section with easy preparation. Install it today if you always considered computers as your weak section. It might help.

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Learning Apps on Android

Computer Awareness

What next? I hope by now you’d all be tapping the appstore icon on your mobile screens and install these apps. Enough of fun apps download. Try these apps and make your preparation phase enjoyable.  Happy Studying!


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