10 Last minute tips to crack IBPS PO Prelims

Dear Readers

IBPS PO Prelims will start on 3rd October 2015. We understand that with only a day left for the commencement of first shift of IBPS PO Prelim, you must be under immense pressure thinking about the exam. You might be getting goosebumps, a constant churning in your stomach or find yourself surrounded by negative thoughts. This is quite justifiable. An exam this big can potentially change your life and take you to higher, unimaginable levels. But this anxiety can take a toll on your performance. You must be wondering how do you turn the tide in your favor? Today we bid farewell to our IBPS PO Prelims Tips and Tricks series with some wonderful quotes and ultimate secrets which we believe will assist you in giving your best performance.


1 . Turn that Anxiety into Excitement 

Do you know that our body secretes the same hormone when we are excited as well as when we are anxious. So this means that you can easily convert your brain burning anxiousness into nerve wrecking excitement. Never let that anxiety get to you. Think about how exciting it would be to finally be able to apply whatever you have learned so well. Visualize success. Imagine yourself having achieved everything you ever wanted. Think about all the good things that have happened to you so far and fuel your excitement.

2 . Shut that peer pressure

In the final stages of preparation the biggest harm candidates cause to themselves (unknowingly) is by talking to anybody and everybody who will lend an ear. While some of it may be good, the majority of it fills you up with negativity arising from the comparisons and ‘wise talk’ of people. This is not the time for the second opinion on your preparation. This is the time to consolidate whatever you have learned and apply it in the final exam. Stop talking to people about the exam and say no to anyone who will comment about it.

3. Get some sleep

Seriously your brain needs it. The night before the exam, make sure you get ample amount of sleep (atleast eight hours). This would help your brain regain all the information it has accumulated with regards to the exam and increase retention.


4. Start Early

Wake up early, get a long shower, take your elders blessings and SMILE. This is the first day for the rest of your life. If you are religious, visit your holy place and seek God’s blessings or meditate or play a game , whatever that gets your mind off the exam.

5. Have a healthy Breakfast

No No i did not say have a HEAVY breakfast, so those delicious parathas are out. A healthy breakfast will keep you from getting drowsy. Have some fruits, milk, barley or some corn flakes. Eat a spoonful of honey to keep you energetic.

6. Leave Early

Leave for your examination center early. You wouldn’t want to get stuck in traffic and increase your depression. Check your centre’s location on google maps and be very sure you reach at least 45 minutes before the exam commences.


7. Take a deep breath

Before  you start your exam, take some deep breaths in the following pattern: While breathing in count till 7. Then hold your breath for 3-4 seconds and exhale it by counting till 5-6. Do this atleast 4-5 times until you get calm.

8. Dont Improvise 

We have stressed this point over and over again. Dont try any new technique in the exam. Stick to whatever you have learned. Never try and imitate some smart tactic you read over the internet, as it would only make matters worse for you.

9. Stick to your strengths

First attempt the section which you know the best. Score maximum marks in it. This would have a huge twofold impact. First it will bolster your confidence enabling you to solve questions from other sections(in which you are not so good) with ease and secondly by improving your overall score and hence the chances of you clearing it. Refrain from answering questions you have no idea about.

10. Divide and Rule

No we aren’t talking about Britishers here. We are talking about identifying the questions which seem simple but are time consuming from the ones which may look complex but actually are very easy. This is how you do it: Read the question in 5 seconds. Take a breath and think if you have seen such questions while you were preparing. If you can figure out how to solve it (logic, formulae) within the next 10 seconds, only then go for it. That is never attempt a question if you are unable to identify how to solve it in a total of 15 seconds. Remember you only get 35 seconds per question if you are to attempt all questions. So instead of wasting time not solving a particular question , leave it and solve the ones which you can in 45-50 seconds. Time is your most important commodity here, not your ego.

Finally we leave you with some really inspiring words by the great legendary actor Amitabh Bachchan.

All the very best for IBPS PO Prelims! God bless you.


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