Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any other query or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are available 24X7

  • How will I get to know about my performance in the MockBank mock test?

Once you complete the online mock test, you will be taken to the results page which will show your score along with responses you provided. You will receive detailed PARS- Performance Analysis and Recommendation Summary within 24 hours. It will contain analysis of your test performance and recommendations on exam preparation and strategy.

  • How will PARS help me?

PARS (Performance Analysis and Recommendation Summary) is not a computer made general report. It is specially made by our faculty for you based on your mock test performance. There are three major parts of PARS:

  1. All sectional and overall cutoffs and analysis of your performance vis-a-vis the cutoffs
  2. Recommended exam strategy: Suggestions on how to attempt the question paper- order of sections, time division, guesswork vs accuracy etc. In short, how can you use your current knowledge to maximize your performance
  3. Recommended study plan: Suggestions on how to prepare in the remaining days. What to study, what not to study, how to study, where to study from etc. When you have few days left for your exam, every hour of study has to be optimized. Just working hard would not help, you have to work smart
  • I am already taking mock test from my coaching institute. Should I still take MockBank Mock Tests?

We have a lot of students who are taking mock test series from coaching institutes like Mahendra’s etc. They tell us that they have never had an experience as good as MockBank Mock Tests. We are different in 3 major ways:

  1. Our mock tests are not general mock tests, they are very specific to the exam. For example, all banking examinations like RBI, IBPS, SBI are slightly different. In other coaching, they may give you same tests for all exams. In MockBank, we make specific mock tests for different exams
  2. After you take MockBank mock test, you get a PARS- Performance Analysis and Recommendation Summary. PARS is not a general report, this is specially made by our faculty for you based on your mock test performancePARS contains all sectional and overall cutoffs. It does not contain general advice like work hard, study Maths, Reasoning and English etc.- it contains specific advice on what you can do in the remaining few days to clear all the cutoffs and crack the exam.
  3. After your get PARS on email, our faculty who made your PARS will also call you and explain how you can study over the remaining days till the examination to clear all cutoffs. You can also ask any other doubts to our faculty

MockBank mock tests are a completely different experience. Some of our students call us after the actual exam and tell that because of our mock tests, they changed their exam strategy which helped them clear all cutoffs. Some say that they could get 10 more marks in the exam because of our advice. You can understand, in these highly competitive exams, 10 more marks can mean you jump even 50,000 places in rank. We suggest you see the experience and judge yourself.

  • How long before the actual exam should I start taking mock tests?

Taking a mock test is like rehearsing a speech before you get on the stage. No matter how good you are, you cannot deliver your best unless you have practised enough. Even Barack Obama rehearses his speeches. Ideally you should take atleast 1-2 mock tests before you even properly start your preparation. You may think that this way you will waste a mock test, but practice never goes waste. Your performance in the mock test will give you very important clues on what to prepare and how to prepare, what to focus on and more importantly what to not focus on. Hence, the earlier you start taking mock tests, the better it is. We recommend that for banking/ PSU objective type exams, you should start taking mock tests atleast 40-45 days in advance of your exam.

This does not mean that mock tests only help if taken 45 days in advance. We have hundreds of students who have even taken the mock test the previous day of the exam and have benefited immensely. But if you compare taking mock tests early and taking mock test in the last few days to the exam, early mock tests will give you more benefit

  • I want to take a MockBank mock test. How do I buy a MockBank mock test?

You can go to the menu option ‘Buy’, fill out the form and buy the mock test online. The options of payments are credit cards, debit cards and net banking. After successful payment, an email will be sent to you that will contain the instructions and username/ password for taking the online mock test. Read on if you do not have a debit card, credit card or net banking

  • I want to buy MockBank mock tests, but I do not have credit card/ debit card/ net banking. Is there any other way to buy?

If you are facing problem paying online or if you do not have a debit card or credit card, you can transfer the money into our bank account from your bank branch through NEFT. You can also go to the nearest HDFC Bank and deposit cash in our account. As soon as you deposit the money, mock test credentials will be sent to your email id. To know our account details, contact us at 965601 95001 or mail us at We are available 24X7, do not hesitate to call even if it is weekend, very late night or early morning

  • What should I do if I forget my username or password or exam url?

After successful payment, exam url along with username password is sent at your registered email address. In case, you are not able to locate the email that you received, please inform us at and we will resend the email to you.

  • How many attempts can I take after purchasing the online mock test?

For each mock test, you will get one attempt. If you have bought a 7 mock test series, you can take each of the 7 mock tests once. However, after the attempt, you can login to the exam system to see all the questions and their answers any number of times.

  • For what all examinations are MockBank Mock Tests available currently?

We keep adding new tests as the exam date comes closer. Keep a check on our home page to get updates. Please contact us for any other mock test that you need and we will try to provide those.

  • I want to take the mock tests but I want it free

You have to decide if you want to take a free mock test or you want to take a useful mock test. A free mock test may not be of any help to you. You take the mock test because you want to see where you stand and how you can improve. This is only possible if the mock test and the corresponding sectional and overall cutoffs are prepared seriously. After the mock test, faculty has to evaluate your performance vis-a-vis the sectional and overall cutoffs and advise you on how to clear all cutoffs. Because we do all that effort for you, we incur a lot of cost and hence we charge a fees for our mock test.

We suggest you do this- you take one paid mock test from us and you can take a free mock test from some free site. You compare the benefit you get. If you feel that we did not benefit you enough, just tell us and we will refund your complete money without questions or conditions.

However, to get an idea of what a MockBank mock test looks like, you can take our free demo mock test. This mock test was prepared for NHB Assistant Managers Examination held in May 2013. We have opened up free demo access to this mock test for you to experience how a MockBank Online Mock Test looks like. Because the demo mock test is a free mock test, our faculty will not analyze your performance for this mock test. The cutoffs, faculty analysis and faculty interaction only comes with a paid mock test